Laboratory Services


HNL's Center for Anatomic Pathology (cAP) provides a full range of consulting and diagnostic services. As a patient-oriented anatomic pathology laboratory, value is placed on accuracy through the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology and on providing unmatched service to our clients and their patients.

cAP pathologists perform many functions. They provide diagnostic services including immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization, electron microscopy, and immunofluorescence. Our pathologists also studies relevant to the diagnosis and prognosis of human disease, including slide-based PCR, FISH, and other molecular pathology techniques.

Our pathologists are experts in the study and diagnosis of disease processes. They provide consultative services to other physicians regarding diagnostic tests, results, and treatment.

Tissues are obtained from biopsy or surgery. Our pathologists examine the tissue in order to make a diagnosis. cAP offers a broad range of specialized services including Gynecological Cytology, Non-gynecological Cytology, Tissue Pathology (Histology), Surgical Pathology, Molecular Pathology, and Flow Cytometry.

cAP also provides unprecedented access to our pathologists through our 24/7 customer service hotline. HNL has consultants who work with us and you on the most difficult of cases.

And we offer an e-presence that is growing with the latest technological advancements in order to close the distance between our lab and your office.



Board-certified pathologists, many with advanced subspecialty training, work together with our laboratory technical staff to provide expert consultation on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Routine clinical testing is provided by modern, fully-automated and certified clinical laboratories. Health Network Laboratories provides state-of-the-art testing in Chemistry, Coagulation, Flow Cytometry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, Cytogenetics and Toxicology.

In addition to standard high volume automated chemistry, hematology and immunochemistry analyzers, our testing facilities also offer the latest in special analysis equipment. Through the clinical operations technical management team, HNL continues to stay on the leading edge of laboratory medicine and is able to provide clients with the latest diagnostic and prognostic tests. HNL performs 98% of all test orders in- house.



If you would like more information on our online results reporting services, please contact our Sales department at 610-402-5070.



Health Network Laboratories entered the forensic pathology arena with the 2010 acquisition of Forensic Pathology Associates (Allentown, PA). The primary goal of Forensic Pathology Associates is to gather and interpret all available information pertaining to a death or injury investigation in order to ascertain the cause, manner, mode, mechanism and circumstances of death.

Forensic pathologists have many responsibilities leading to many resource opportunities. Forensic Pathology Associates continues to provide personal and confidential consultations involving complex, controversial and high profile death and injury investigations